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The initiative of establishing a single station for inspection using risk management was implemented in conjunction with the Bayan system, by a decision of the Cabinet of Ministers in October 2017.

The aim of the OSS is to facilitate and increase the commercial movement to enhance economic competitiveness. Faster inspection will enable the logistics sector to grow and promote economic diversification to reach NLS in 2040. Established under the auspices of the Royal Oman Police Customs, the One-Stop-Shops bring together under one roof all of the government agencies that have a role in regulating cross-border trade. The overarching goal is to simplify service delivery for the benefit of Omani importers and exporters, while enabling all of the border control agencies to perform their functions ‘at the same time and in one place’.

Importantly, the regulatory agencies operate under service level agreements which trigger the automatic release of a cargo if a decision is not forthcoming within two hours. This is helping government officials to better understand the trade community to facilitate ‘honest traders’ and intervene only when there is a reason to do so.


The OSS will link all government control agencies related to inspections and clearance processes. As many as four One-Stop-Shop (OSS) centers have been established at key locations around the Sultanate —part of an effort by Oman’s authorities to speed up cross-border cargo flows and thereby enhance the nation’s credentials as a logistics-friendly destination. The One-Stop-Shops are presently in operation at Muscat International Airport, Sohar Port, Salalah International Airport, Suwaiq Port and the work is ongoing at Salalah Port. The OSS are under the administrative supervision of the Royal Oman Police represented by the Directorate General of Customs and will be in operation 24 hours a day including public holidays. The establishment of four One-Stop-Shops for inspection and coordination of government services was a significant contributor. The One-Stop-Shop initiative contributed to significant reductions in inspection rates in 2018, in turn slashing cargo dwell times and costs for traders as a result.

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