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Adoption on international transport conventions


International Trade is an engine for economic growth and contributes to the promotion of sustainable development. The exponential increase in global trade and the changing dynamics of the international supply chain have created new time and volume demands on traders and regulators. While businesses seek to move goods faster through the supply chain at reduced costs, regulators are required to process increasing volumes of cargo with lesser reliance on physical intervention and with greater efficiency and speed.


currently trad facilitation team is working on two main conventions as follows:

International Road Transport Convention TIR.

The TIR system is a harmonized international system of customs control that facilitates the movement of international trade and transport in the least time and most cost-effective manner. It improves efficiency by reducing the amount of reports required, streamlining procedures at border crossings and effectively protecting the revenues of the countries where goods pass through. The TIR system allows the passage of closed vehicles under customs seal from the country of origin to the final destination through simple procedures without the need for physical inspection at the intermediate border crossing points, using a global customs guarantee.

About TIR

CMR Convention

The CMR convention is an international convention which aims to standardize the contract for international carriage of Goods by Road, particularly with respect to documents used for such carriage and Carrier’s liability. The standard CMR consignment note fixes the conditions governing the contract for the international carriage of goods by road between the carrier and the shipper and sets the conditions of liability of the carrier in case of total or partial loss of goods or delays. The CMR consignment note brings many benefits: it harmonizes contractual conditions for goods transported by road and helps facilitate goods transport overall. Use of e-CMR retains these benefits, but would makes the system more modern, by removing paperwork and handling costs, providing opportunities for further time reductions and process efficiencies as well as provide greater transparency during the complete journey.

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