Leverage technology as a key competitive tool to make Oman a significant global logistics hub and ensure its rapid adoption and dissemination within the country.

Tech Companies

Technologies companies can apply for a demonstration and piloting their solutions to showcase their potential for logistics companies in Oman. Our role is to matchmaking between you as Technology Company with logistics partners who registered with us to host a pilot to your solution targeting specific use case.

Logistics Companies

As logistics company and as partner to us you can apply to Host technology solution pilot for your challenges and use cases that you have. Our role is to find the best technology company who can showcase to you the solution for the specific use cases you select with us.

Use cases

Port Assets Maintenance

Port infrastructure and assets inspections is a routine activity done by port maintenance team or their contractors for all mooring controlled areas which include berths, Fenders and jetties.
The activities include:

1. Visual inspecting for any corrosions and epmination.

2. Taking picture for documentation.

3. Maintenance for the asset.

Key Challenges:

Cost for Diving

Accessibiplity to assets

Analysis for the defectives

Bonded Corridor monitoring

Custom authorities are responsible for tax and duty for all Goods entering the country. Therefore, they need to ensure the movements of the goods in any bonded road corridor inside the country. Currently Omani Custom use the Finance guaranty and a seal to avoid tampering of the goods while moving in any bonded road corridor.

Key Challenges:

Lack of real time tracking.

Tracking of General Cargo movement.

Tracking of Dangerous goods movement.

Security in warehouses

Warehouses require many CCTV cameras and Security staff to ensure that all goods and items are not lost or stolen. Currently many warehouses are using CCTVs solution to monitor the operation area but still they can not cover each corner which lead to missing some stored goods.

Key Challenges:

Stolen items from warehouses.

Missing items in the warehouses.

Real-time capturing and notifications of asset locations.

Quality monitoring in Land Transportation

In Cold chain, it is important to maintain a cooling temperature for perishable goods. Systems that monitor temperature and humidity, for example, can be used to make decisions about the quality of food or medicine. If the goods were subjected to damaging conditions, they must be disposed.

Key Challenges:

Maintaining the quality of frozen and cold goods.

Tracking products and goods in the supply chain.

Surveillance and monitoring in the Port

Port is an economic importance gate for any country therefore monitoring the port area is very crucial for the port authority. Monitoring is one of the major challenges and pressures for the security team. 

Key Challenges:

Wide area of ports.

Visibility in different weather conditions such as strong wind, rain, night etc.

Provide constantly 7 X 24 non-stop monitoring and recording capability.

Stock Counting in warehouses

Each warehouse includes different type of goods which requires counting multiple times a year to match with the system data. This exercise leads sometimes to halting the operations.

Key Challenges:

Loose items stock counting takes long time.

Downtime in warehouse operations.

Material Handling Optimization

Material handling is one of the main activities in any warehouse. This activity depends on logistics operations flow. Many resources are required for such activity.

Key Challenges:

Increase the efficiency of material handling.

Increase the Safety in material handling.

Engagement of big Number of resources all at once.

E-payment application for shipping line, 3PL, importer, exporter, custom broker

Shipping line, 3PL, importer, exporter and custom brokers depend on cash payment and cheque deposits for financial transactions. Some shipping lines require deposit slips to release required documents (Delivery Order) to the importer or the customs broker delaying clearance process. Smart and Online payment solutions and services are required

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