Technology is one of the cornerstones of the transformation in SOLS2040 and can enter a tremendous change towards logistics practices in Oman. We focus on improving the use of logistics technologies throughout the logistics sector in Oman. Our objectives are to identify, adopt and facilitate the use of innovative and emerging technologies from within the Sultanate as well as technology providers .

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Digital revolution through Transformation and Industry 4.0 are affecting all the companies and industries. We believe in Asyad Technology that emerging technologies can accessible and enable enterprises to accelerate innovation.

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Tawseel is meant to enable Logistics companies operating in Last Mile Delivery and fleet management to operate more efficiently by offloading the back-end IT system to cloud service providers. This will enable startups, SMEs, or large logistics companies to leverage the latest operational last mile technologies at an affordable cost by acquiring basic logistics software as a service from cloud providers.

Tech Clinic

The Aim of the Technology Advisory program defined as Tech Clinic is to support individuals, Startups, SMEs, and enterprises to empower their ideas and projects from technology perspective towards operational excellence in logistics.

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