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Digital revolution through Transformation and Industry 4.0 are affecting all the companies and industries. We believe in Asyad Technology that emerging technologies can accessible and enable enterprises to accelerate innovation and improve their productivity. In additional, to increase the sector awareness and encourage their adoption through showcasing the latest and emerging technologies pilot.

Tech-Try is all about:

  • Prove for the sector the benefits of emerging technologies and encourage them to adopt it as one of the Transformation agenda.

  • Encourage the Omani Tech SME’s to invest in Emerging Technology, thus will create new jobs and increase GDP contribution.

  • Help the Regulator in regulating new and emerging technologies.

  • Build Asyad test environment for the emerging technologies

Our Approach:

This initiative brings the power of emerging and new-age technology trials to empower logistics companies solve business challenges and create a competitive edge in their services.

Our Objectives:

  • New Technology adoption brings benefits to the entire sector and Oman’s image globally as a competitive logistics hub..
  • Showcase the emerging technologies towards increasing the sector awareness about their benefits.
  • Increase the adoption rate of emerging technology like IoT, Blockchain, Drones and Autonomous vehicles.
  • Increase number of the SME’s working in emerging technologies serving logistics sector.
  • Create the Testbed environment for any international start-up in fourth industrial revolution for the future investment in Oman.

Drone for Delivery – Jan 2020

– Jan 2020

Drone for Warehouse Operations

– Jan 2020

Drone for Port Asset Maintenance

– Jul 2019

Underwater Drone for Port Asset Maintenance

– March 2019


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