In the past it was obviously observed among the students of school, college and university that, whenever any of them is asked [IAB1] about his/her future ambition in term of possible professional career preferences, it is rarely mentioned by any of them that, they would like to join the field of logistics services or to the supply chain!

In fact, many students who emphasized their ambition to join this industry, they admit that, working in the logistics industry was not a part of their aspirations when they were in the high secondary school level.

This situation raises an important question as well that: Why the logistics services are not a desirable job for the students of high secondary schools?

We have often heard that logistics jobs are not attractive for to students, and it may also be difficult to suggest a career in the logistics industry for students of all age groups.

Therefore, the need for an integrated program to increase the awareness on the logistic industry through a comprehensive and well-planned message, was raised. Sawaed program was then launched to serve this goal, as it is the first awareness program of its kind aims to promote the logistic industry in order to enrich its capabilities to be an attractive industry for various age groups in the society.

The program is also considered as an initiative to provide the logistic professionals the opportunity to share their experiences and their success stories as inspire the next generation and encourage them to become part of this promising industry. Volunteers are also representing a hutch part of the success of the Sawaed program.

 To execute the program, several efforts were exerted in order to find activities and initiatives that serve the goals of Sawaed, such as the field visits initiative, which aims to acquaint the students with the industry, and provide them with field experience in the logistical operations.About509 students have visited logistic companies in 2019.

The program also includes an initiative to introduce specialized lectures on the logistic services subjects, for career guidance professionals from various governorates of the Sultanate. In turn those professional cadres will contribute to transfer the obtained knowledge to the students.

 Lectures were presented to 142 career guidance professionals during the past year, and so, almost all governorates of the Sultanate have been covered by the same plan, while two books on the logistics industry are being under editing, targeting different age group segments, and they will be launched by the end of this year.

The training considered as one of the initiatives of Sawaed program to provide students of the logistic specializations with the necessary skills for future employment. The program offers the students with practical experience in logistic companies, where they will get an opportunity to learn about the work environment and build relationships with the professional cadres in various logistical entities.

Today, the logistics industry in the Sultanate is gaining increasing importance and momentum, while the logistics companies are seeking to attract the best talents and competencies toward the professions related to logistics.

So: Let’s take steps today to transform toward a promising logistics industry

written by : Amina Al Siyabi – Human Capital strategist – Oman Logistics center


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