Oman Logistics Center

Oman Logistic Center

Trade Facilitation

Trade facilitation is best described as the cooperative management of borders and trade flows to benefit regulators and traders alike. Oman Logistics Center is working in tandem with the Directorate General of Customs, other Government control agencies and private enterprise stakeholders to improve trade flows and to understand how to achieve the best possible results for the trade and logistics communities.

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Human Capital

Human Capital team has three principal mandates; the first is to spread awareness on logistics sector to various segments of society. Secondly to enhance the efficiency of the national skills in this sector. Thirdly, to build partnership between the public and private sectors as well as the academic institutions.

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Markets development is a key pillar of Oman Logistics Center strategy. Our aim is to formulate a market development plan at a national level and manage its implementation to achieve the SOLS 2040 goals and targets. Understanding technology, business or trade flow changes that may either create new opportunities or pose a threat to Oman’s logistics business.

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Technology is one of the cornerstones of the transformation in SOLS 2040 and can enter a tremendous change towards logistics practices in Oman. We focus on improving the use of logistics technologies throughout the logistics sector in Oman. Our objectives are to identify, adopt and facilitate the use of innovative and emerging technologies from within the Sultanate as well as technology providers .

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