Why Oman

Geographical location connecting the global markets:

Oman is located at the strategic hub of the Arabian Gulf and the Indian Ocean as it is considered a fast commercial route towards the global most attractive and developing markets because of its strategic central location, bringing it two days closer than anywhere else within the Strait of Hormuz.

Oman has deep world-class ports which represent an important strategic dimension through which the Sultanate can connect global markets, as the ports of Oman are directly opened to international waters and connected by maritime lines with all economic blocs in the world.

Political and Economic Stability

Oman is a platform for peace and an environment conducive to stability, being, thanks to the strong diplomatic relations, among different countries around the world.

Economic Diversification:

In view of economic diversification, the Sultanate has launched the National Economic Diversification Program (TANFEEDH) as a national initiative linking vital sector strategies with the aim of promoting the diversification of national income sources and creating a sustainable public-private partnership adapted to global changes based on youth aspirations.

The Sultanate was keen to develop a national strategy for the logistics sector, the most important objectives of which are availing the Sultanate to become among the top ten providers of logistics services by 2040 based on four axes, namely: market development, trade facilitation, human capital and technology.

  • The Sultanate ranked 7th globally in the future orientation of the government

Attractive Lifestyle:

The Sultanate is characterized by a quiet lifestyle with the availability of health and educational services and the different families’ requirements.

World-Class infrastructure :

The Sultanate is confidently expanding and developing its infrastructure as it has strong infrastructure ranging from land, sea and air transportation and telecommunications services.

Free Trade Agreements

In order to increase the flow of exports and imports between countries and to facilitate the trade exchange, which is an agreement between two or more countries on the terms of exchange between them, and under such agreement, the countries set customs tariffs and taxes imposed on exports and imports “Global Economic Forum”.

Full Foreign Ownership

According to the Foreign Capital Investment Law, foreign capital in companies is allowed to be up to 70% in most sectors and foreign capital investment for projects of national importance is up to 100%.

Incentives for Foreign Investment

The investment enjoys all the benefits, incentives and guarantees enjoyed by national projects in accordance with the applicable laws in the Sultanate, and foreign investment projects established in the less developed regions of the Sultanate are granted additional benefits.

Tax Exemption

There is no income tax for individuals, and every operating company is exempt from taxes for 25 to 30 years in the free zones.

Free capital and profits transfer

Free capital and profits transfer, their outflow to and from the Sultanate and free foreign currencies’ exchange with almost constant exchange rate.

One stop inspection services

It helps investors get all the inquiries and transactions they need as quickly as possible by pre-clearing through Bayan.

  • The goods are cleared in ports in no more than 6 hours in ports and 4 hours in airports.
  • The fastest shipment fully cleared and released in ports is only 21 minutes.
  • The fastest process for obtaining a permit from government agencies electronically is only 12 seconds.
  • All goods clearance procedures can be completed days before their arrival.
  • Application of advanced risk management systems has resulted in inspection ratios in line with the global standards of the top ten countries in the World Bank Logistics Performance Index. Inspection ratio at our ports is 2.5%.

Investment Services Center

The center is the first interface for National and foreign investors, which aims to develop the investment environment in the Sultanate and facilitate the establishment of investment projects by overcoming obstacles facing investors and extending direct channels with investors. This can be done through the “Invest easily” portal.

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