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The logistics sector is growing rapidly and continually based on several factors which contribute to shaping this industry. Stakeholders in logistics need to assess the potential trends and evaluate their impact, take precautionary actions and assure that the needs of the sector are met.

It’s necessary to carefully research the industry and figure out the issues which constitute an obstacle for the economists and the decision-makers

Emergence of 3PL and 5PL

3PL (third-Party Logistics provider): is one of those advancements in supply chain outsourcing, which offers outsourced logistics services, 3 PL encompass anything that involves management of one or more facets of procurement and fulfillment activities, such as: warehousing, transportation services and distribution management based on customer’s demand.

The rising complexities in the global supply chain market are further ensuring the adoption of 5PL. 5PL providers construct, organize, and implement logistics solutions and technologies on behalf of multiple clients, what distinguishes the 5PL that it has an extensive focus on e-business solutions.

Efficient Last Mile Deliveries

Last Mile Deliveries are defined as the movement of merchandise from a transportation center to the last delivery destination. The last delivery destination is normally an individual habitation. The focus of last mile logistics is to convey items to the end client as fast as possible under any circumstances. Last mile logistics has become a popular area of interest for retailers due to the growing demand for fully integrated omnichannel retailing.

Elastic Logistics

Elastic Logistics is the flexibility to extend and diminish abilities to accommodate changing demands within the supply chain. It’s the ability to handle sharply increased and decreased needs in production, warehousing and shipping while controlling costs, efficiency, visibility and client experience.

Supply chain collaboration

Supply Chain Collaboration is characterized as at least two self-sufficient firms working mutually to plan and execute supply chain operations. It can convey considerable advantages and points of interest to their partners. It has been known as a cooperative strategy when one or more companies or business units work together to create shared advantages.

Moving from B2B to B2B2C

B2B2C is the hottest new plan of the model trend, where straightforwardness, adaptability, sustainability, and productivity are achieved.

Business to business to consumer (B2B2C) is an e-commerce model that joins business to business (B2B) and business to consumer (B2C) for a complete product or services exchange.

Green logistics

Green logistics incorporates an organization’s exertion of bringing down emissions, actualizing progressively sustainable activities procedures and lessening the environmental pollution.


Individuals relocate to towns and urban communities in anticipation of picking up a better standard of living. They are impacted by attractive factors that draw them to urban life. Urban living is related to better employment and education, health maintenance, more prominent access to social services and open doors for social activities.

Logistics Labor Shortages and Automation

The logistics sector is at a substantial developmental curve and its needs for skilled labour increases by the day, which increases the pressure for the skilled workforce pool to grow bigger. The complexity of the supply chain and the risks inherent to the transportation of goods creates a highly competitive environment and seeks for the development of a highly skilled and specialised workforce.

Sharing economy

It is an economic model which relies on sharing assets based from and to the community through online platforms that allows them to provide, acquire or share access to goods and services. Sharing economy enables people to make a profit through unused assets, such as: providing shared open workspaces to freelancers and entrepreneurs; sites that enable people to sell or lease their things.

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