Markets development is a key pillar of OLC strategy. Our aim is to formulate a market development plan at a national level and manage its implementation to achieve the SOLS 2040 goals and targets.


  • Identifying, analyzing, and monitoring the opportunities for Oman, both geographically and from the point of view of industrial or business sectors with specific respect to logistics, and those companies that depend to a high degree on logistics facilitation, supporting the relocation of industries and companies that depend on logistics for part of their operations to Oman.
  • Understanding technology, business or trade flow changes that may either create new opportunities or pose a threat to Oman’s logistics business.
  • Designing, developing and promoting the Oman logistics brand, within Oman, regionally, and internationally with the clear stated aim of making Oman one of the most recognized brands within the transport and logistics industries within three years.
  • Developing and implementing a full marketing plan and to put in place the necessary performance measures to ensure that it is effective, relevant and transparent to all the stakeholders.
  • Creating programmes to assist in communicating the logistics strategy within Oman.

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Why Oman

Oman is located at the strategic hub of the Arabian Gulf and the Indian Ocean as it is considered a fast commercial route towards the global most attractive and developing markets because of its strategic central location…..

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Trend Radar

The logistics sector is growing rapidly and continually based on several factors which contribute to shaping this industry. Stakeholders in logistics need to assess the potential trends and evaluate their impact……

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Investment Opportunities

There are many investment locations in Oman that vary in location, size, and characteristics as the investor may be able to determine the area in which he wishes to invest as required by the market, whether in free zones……

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