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What is SAWAED ?

An awareness program that aims to enhance the awareness & attractiveness of the logistics sector and increase the knowledge level about the sector, and its growth opportunity. The program aims to reach different market segments such as students, apprentices, skillful, community citizens, professional partners and ambassadors.

Marketing Segments


Schools, colleges and universities.


The community across the country who will spread a positive word of mouth about logistics sector.


Senior students and graduates.


Successful stories of Omani talent in logistics sector.


Educated and experienced talent looking for a career opportunity.


Partners and suppliers that form the logistics sector and enhance Oman’s economic prosperity.

SAWAED Activities

Each segment requires a customized activity to ensure the message is well defined.

Exhibitions and roadshows

National and international exhibitions, events, conferences to spread logistics knowledge among other industries
for example: Career Fair , Omanisation Career Fair and Career Guidance Exhibi- tion and other events related to higher educational institutes.

Technical site visits

Visits for school, colleges and university to students to get familiar with the logistics sector, balancing between theory and practical learning.


A learning resource about logistics and its function as well as jobs and related skills and qualifications. Examples:A learning resource about logistics and its function as well as jobs and related skills and qualifications.
1. Career guide book for students at schools, colleges and universities.
2. Drawing and painting book for school students.

Logistics seminars and

Workshops and seminars about logistics that engage specialized logistics industry practitioners to share their knowledge.

Training opportunities based on QF  

Students work placement to experience practicality in the logistics industry.

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