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Omanisation & ICV

Human Capital focuses on attracting and education enough young people into logistics to meet the ambitions of the Omanisation program that needs to be improved. Our role is to create value for the country, and this translates into various initiatives. Our team is working towards identifying the potential for a local skilled workforce that will be ready to take up roles in the industry. This is expected to be realized in cooperation with the development of the VET sector, data collected for the purposes of a Labour Market Intelligence System that will help us identify existing skills gaps, an educational developmental strategy that will allow for appropriate gap bridging and succession planning. Integrally, ICV can be best defined as the total spend retained in the country that can benefit business development, contribute to human capability development and stimulate productivity in the Omani economy.

Omanisation & ICV objectives:

The objectives carried out by the Omanization and ICV department are:

  • Analyzing the data of the labor force and working to correct it according to the professions defined under the sector.
  • Review and develop the policies on obtaining employment and circulating it to the enterprises after their adoption.
  • Receiving and studying the applications of establishments in the sector to decide on obtaining employment according to the approved regulations.
  • Develop the ICV framework and work on its enterprise in the economic projects specified by TANFEEDH.
  • Follow up Omanization and replacement plans and provide training programs for specific professions in cooperation with the National Training Fund.

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