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Labour Market Intelligence (LMI)

Refers to a concise and continuous stream of information on the labour/ employment market. One of the main reasons for LMI Systems in place, is to collect the information that will determine the skills needs of the local labour market and allow the business community and general society to understand occupational trends. For a young individual it would allow them access to the right information to make a career choice. The resulting outcomes of an LMI align training needs to training requirements, can reduce the skills gap, create opportunities and increase productivity by allowing the development of a pool of skilled labour. The LMI that is promoted by the Oman Logistics Centre (OLC) is developed by the National Training Fund (NTF). The primary objective with NTF’s approach to LMI is to have a clear picture of the labour market in order to build the competency, skills, and knowledge level of the national workforce to enhance productivity and meet the needs of the private sector. OLC, as the logistics’ industry’s champion and front runner, and having realised the value of LMI Systems, has partnered up with the NTF to ensure that the questionnaire reaches all logistics related companies.

Below, you will find a copy of the questionnaire and a guide that will help you fill it out effectively and efficiently. Using the guidance provided you will need 2 minutes to complete. For more information on Labour Market Intelligence Systems, please see the brochures below. There are two versions available in Arabic and in English for your convenience

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