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Spread awareness about logistics, enhance the efficiency of the national skills and build a partnership between the public and the private sectors.


IBHAR is the first specialized business incubator in related to logistics ideas. It’s founded in 2018 in Oman. It’s a logistics business incubator that aim to support startups in four main areas: Innovation, Technology, Services and products.

Incubation Areas

Innovative and new projects and ideas that solve a problem or reduce cost or help in product or service development or in the logistics sector Service logistics activities that deal with the storage, supply and transport of goods and facilitate the movement of products from one location to another Projects using advanced technology and systems to facilitate logistics operations, whether in storage, transportation or inventory, such as 3D printing technologies and e-commerce Projects that are concerned with the provision of a product that is used to facilitate handling and logistics operations such as, projects involving the manufacture or products supply used for the packaging of goods and parcels. Innovation Services Technology Manufacturing

IBHAR Services

Coworking spaces



Training and mentoring

Consultation services

Business Development & Management

Types of Incubation

Virtual Incubation

Virtual incubator implies that all incubation services are delivered based on request. There is no physical incubation space.

Traditional Incubation

Its an entrepreneurial, economic and social development process designed to nurture businesses from idea generation to start-up companies and, through a comprehensive business support program, and coworking space help them establish and accelerate their growth and success.

Graduated startups

Smart Logistics is a new transportation culture, using a systematic approach with modern technology to enhance truck transportation process.

Buraq24 is a free application that connects on demand needs like Gas, Water and Goods Transport Customers to the Service Providers (Drivers) at the Finger taps in few seconds. Just tap a button and book it in few steps. 

BusCom application works as a link between the female students and bus drivers. It is concerned with organizing and facilitate the transfer of students from their homes to their colleges and universities and vice versa with various features and services. 


Applications are closed for IBHAR 2019-2020

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